I grieve for the pain of those who lose loved ones that wanted to be with them and be a part of their life here…but have gone on to the eternal reunion ahead of their loved ones…by God’s allowed timing .I find myself wanting to comfort by saying…
” But they didn’t WANT to leave you”
I don’t say it… because I doubt that would be a comfort to the grieving…it is just what I have often thought- amidst my losses- would have been less painful for me. Not morbidly…like I wish someone dead…just wishing the loss was not a chosen abandonment….wishing I had memories untainted by the knowledge that the real love and caring in them that I had believed in and poured my heart into (be it friend/family/romantic relationships ) was essentially a sham-vain-empty.
I wish I could convey the positive ..
That they have the good, true, love and relationship -and memories of it- that lasts and lives forever and has not been lost ! They still have that eternal treasure !
….without seeming callous to the very real pain they feel in the present world.
I pray for God to comfort the hurting, mourning and grieving and give them hope.